Whats the Difference between Silk and Mink Lashes?

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Although named differently Silk and mink lashes are actually made of the same material, synthetic PBT. The main difference between the two is not in their material, but in their shape  and weight.

You will see from the image below that Mink lashes have a longer taper, meaning they are thinner, softer and lighter than Silk Lashes. For this reason Mink Lashes tend to be a more popular choice for Volume Lashes or Mega Volume Lashes as the lashes are lighter. 


Silk vs Mink difference

Silk Lashes taper at the end so the body of the lash is thicker for longer. Silk lashes tend to be the more popular choice for Classic Lashes as they can give a more fuller look for 1 to 1 lashes than Mink lashes would. Silk lashes are a little harder than Mink but due to their structure have a better curl retention. 

You can check out our range of Silk and Mink Lashes by clicking the images below:-

Silk Lashes     Mink Lashes

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