Eyelash Extension Primer - Why is it so essential?

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We all know that a better bond on lashes is essential for longer-lasting lash extension. 

The Eyeluvlashes Lash Primer helps in achieving faster attachment time by dissolving any natural oil or makeup residue on natural lashes, as well as balancing the pH level of natural lashes, resulting in a better bond between the extensions and the natural lashes, and, ultimately, longer retention.

What are the key benefits of using a lash primer?

  • Creates a longer lasting bond for the eyelash extensions
  • Primes the natural lash cuticles so you can achieve stronger adhesion & faster attachment
  • Removes any dust/oil & skincare products on the Clients lashes to ensure a perfect bond
  • And of course reduced application time means faster client turnover

 What if I don't use a lash extension primer?

If you don’t use a primer, what will happen is that when you try to attach lash extensions to uncleaned lashes, the adhesive will adhere to the oil or dirt particles instead of the surface of the natural lashes! Sadly, this will shorten the retention of your beautiful lash work quite dramatically and result in Clients returning earlier than expected.

What is a lash extension primer made of? 

Our Primer is mainly composed of Water with the addition of PVP, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ethanol and fragrance. The PVP & Sodium Polyacrylate covers your lashes with a polymer layer (thin film) which bonds with the eyelash adhesive once applied. Ethanol (commonly know as alcohol) washes away the dirt and oil, giving you the perfect foundation to begin your work. For sensitive clients, it can help soothe reactions too.

How to use a lash extension primer?

How To Prime lashes eyelash extensions

  1. First, remove any make-up with an oil free make up remover or lash cleanser.
  2. Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on two disposable microfiber brushes for eyelash extensions.
  3. Place one brush beneath the lashes and the other on top.
  4. Gently glide the lash extension primer on the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.
  5. Lashes should be completely dry before applying eyelash extensions. 

What to watch out for when using a primer?

When one of the main ingredients, Ethanol, touches the skin, it may dry it out and cause a slight burning sensation.

Use proper application steps like the ones suggested above, and make sure Lash Primer doesn't come into direct contact with your client's skin.

You cna purchase the Eyeluvlashes 15ml Primer by clicking here. 

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